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We all love to enjoy a lean and slim body, especially the females, but it takes a lot of effort and time to achieve this target. There are some parts/areas in the body that remain unchanged regardless of your efforts, diet and intensive exercise routine. Most of these areas are located around the belly part, the bulged belly, or under the arms. On this website we will provide coolsculpting reviews based on costumer testimonials on dermatologists from every major city around the world.

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Instead of giving up on the idea of removing the fat from these body parts/areas or going for the rather extreme and expensive method of liposuction, you many need to learn about the latest and the coolest technique of fat removing called the “coolsculpting”.

What is CoolSculpting?

In plain and simple word, this is a non-invasive option for freezing the ultimately getting rid of the stubborn fat cells from the body. By using extremely cold temperature, these fat cells are first damaged and destroyed inside the body, which are gradually removed by the body.

The History

It was in year 1970 that a group of doctors noticed that children who frequently ate popsicles experience fat loss in their cheeks. The doctors were surprised why only those who ate popsicles experienced this type of reaction. After a long hard struggle and research they were able to connect the dots, and they found that it was the popsicles that were the underlying cause of this fat burning process. Over the next few years, various studies were conducted to study the process of cryolipolysis, a term which refers to freezing the fat cells. After conducting further studies and research, the scientists were able to develop a machine the called the CoolSculpting machine which could be used to freeze the fat cells in the body and ultimately help in getting rid of excessive fat from certain parts of the body.

The NYC coolsculpting Procedure

In CoolSculpting the practitioner uses small or large sized pads depending on the part of the body and size of the part being treated. These pads are attached with a paddle-like applicator that is connected with a hose that provides cold on one side and to the body on the other side. A safety get is inserted between these pads and the skin to protect the skin from any adverse affects of the extreme cold temperatures. As soon as the CoolSculpting machine is turned on the pads start to become cold and this extreme cold temperature is transferred to the affected body area through the pads. The patient starts to feel aching, stinging and tingling feeling on the treated area as the temperature start to go down. After some time the treated area may become numb, because of the extreme cold temperature. This type of treatment lasts for about an hour depending on the size of the area being treated and the practitioner decides when to turn the machine off. Once the treatment is over, the practitioner carefully removes the machine and gives proper massage on the treated area to make sure that the blood supply is not affected. The patients may feel a change in color of the treated area and some stinging sensation as well. After the massage, the patients are allowed to leave. For more information you can read our NYC coolsculpting reviews page by clicking here.


As a result of the Coolsculpting technique the fat cells in the treated area get crystallized. These crystallized cells are treated by the body as dead cells. The immune system of our body, quickly sends enzymes to the treated area of the body, these enzymes start to break down these crystallized fat cells and within a period of one or two months at the max, these dead cells are completely removed from your body. After this period, you will not be able to find any fat cells in the treated areas. In case you start to gain weight again, a few years or months down the road, the fat cells will never deposit in this treated area, rather they will show up at some other part of the body, like the backside, the face or the thighs. Their are plenty of coolsculpting reviews that suggests that you do get very good results from this procedure. The final results can take few days to actually show up because it takes time for body to remove fat from the part of body which is frozen.

Who can qualify for CoolSculpting?

Regardless of your age, size, weight, color, creed or sexuality, you can be a candidate to this type of procedure, provided that you:

  • Experience noticeable fat bulges in your lower abdominal area, or sides
  • You do not suffer from any kind of circulatory disorders
  • You are not in a hurry, like most of the liposuction patients are
  • You are following a string diet and exercise plan to maintain or reduce your body weight

You need to keep one thing in mind that this technique does not work to improve cellulite. This is because, cellulite is not about fat accumulation, and rather it is about how the fat is accumulated in the support structure of the skin.

Side Effects

Although there are no side effects reported in coolscupting in NYC procedure but there are some very mild side effects which can occur in some people. This procedure of getting rid of the excessive body fat cells from particular parts/areas of the body has taken the world by surprise, and because of its non-invasive and non-surgical approach it is getting popular with the passage of time. This approach is cleared by the FDA as it uses only controlled and safe methods to eliminate the stubborn body fat cells. However, like any other medical procedure, CoolSculpting also comes with some side effects, and different patients experience them differently. Let us have a look at some of the most common side effects that you may experience while going through this type of procedure:

  • Numbness – because the affected body part is exposed to extreme cold temperatures, therefore the patients may feel numbness on the treated body area, there is no need to panic though, as it is quite normal in such procedures. This numbness will gradually subside within a few hours or few days, depending on the size of area treated.
  • Swelling – some patients even experience a little bit of swelling in the treated area. This is because of the inflammation, which is quite normal in CoolSculpting
  • Slight Physical Discomfort – during the initial few minutes, you may feel a little discomfort due to the extreme cold temperature, but after sometime you will get used to it.